Ventura Publisher 2.0

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imageVentura Publisher 2.0

Ventura Publisher, originally from Xerox, is a professional desktop publishing program for the GEM graphical environment and later Windows. It has the distinction of being the first popular publishing program for the IBM PC platform. It competed with Aldus PageMaker, which initially was more popular on the Mac platform. There are also versions for Mac and OS/2.

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  • Hey, does anyone know how to run it? I've copied the contents of the ZIP files to the directory C:\VENTURA\ (and added the directory to PATH), but I can't find out which of the executables I should run...
  • In case anyone is interested, I'm trying to converts some (old) VP documents of mine to PostScript (so that I can render them as PDF).
  • If I recall correctly, it places a BAT file in the root directory that you have to run. If you run the executable directly they won't do much. That is how the GEM environment works.
  • pablo-escobar, search c:\vp.bat or c:\vpprof.bat
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