How to get the mouse in Windows 1.01?

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Does anyone know how to do this?


  • Are you using physical hardware or is this a VM?
  • I'm using Virtual box.
  • Microsoft Windows 1.0x did not ship with support for IBM PS/2 style mice. (except for the IBM OEM)

    To access the mouse with Windows 1.01 on hardware or an emulator that only supports IBM PS/2 style mice, rather than serial mice:

    - Copy the MOUSE.DRV file from a Windows 2.03 disk over the one on the Windows 1.01 installation disk,
    - Then install Windows 1.01.

    Note that this can not be changed after Windows 1.01 is already installed, without re-installation.

    The IBM OEM of Windows 1.04 includes PS/2 mouse support and 640*480*16 VGA support.
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    Did I do something wrong?
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    You need to copy the 2.03 mouse.drv onto the 1.0x floppy disk like SomeGuy said, the setup looks specifically for the A drive unless the 1.0x setups have command line switches that I can't remember...

    Anywho, I replaced the mouse.drv on the 1.02 disk 1 with the file from the 2.03 disk 1 and ran the setup and I have a working mouse in virtualbox just fine.
  • It was like I did in the video and it didn't work.
  • Your steps seem a little strange to me.

    If I followed correctly, you copied the 1.0x disk to a folder called WINSETUP

    You then mounted the 2.03 disk and typed:
    copy A:mouse.drv
    which copies the 2.03 mouse driver into the folder

    Next you typed:
    copy mouse.drv WINSETUP
    Which... creates a copy of mouse.drv named.... WINSETUP

    You then launched the setup from that folder and your video ended.

    What happened when you ran the setup? I bet it asked for the 1.0x disk 1. Which you didn't modify.

    Here is the steps you *should* perform:

    mount the win 2.03 disk 1
    copy the mouse.drv file to somewhere on the C:\ drive

    mount the win 1.0x disk 1
    copy the mouse.drv file from C:\ onto A:\

    You need to modify the 1.0x disk image and then run the setup from it.

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