[Offer] IBM PC-DOS 1.00 manual (August 1981)

Here is the scan of the very first version of the PC-DOS manual. This version misses the PRINT command, this was corrected in the Jan 1982 version.


  • Oh, you also seem to have original IBM PC DOS 1.00 with first revision.

    I also have it too.
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    @ibmpc5150 Yes I have it, it’s one of the special pieces of my collection. I noticed that you just dump copies of the disks. I didn’t include the disk dumps in my post as there was already one version in the library. Would it be useful that I post my copy also ? Globally speaking, after I dump some disks I search in the library and if the version is already present I don’t post them. Would it be useful that I also post duplicates ?
  • @callmejack

    My dumped disk is already verified.
    I guess IBM PC DOS 1.00 was dumped and leaked after 2005.

    I offered IBM PC DOS 1.00 with Teledisk/Image Disk/TransCopy on WinWorld.
    This is re-dump image with SCP for SCP user.

    I think there is no need to upload it if the disk content are identical to mine.
  • @ibmpc5150 ok, I understand.
    In a more general perspective (i.e. for other software) is there an interest to upload the disk images I make if they already exist in the library ?
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    Sure there's an interest. We'll be able to compare and check that images in the library and your images are fully correct (or not). It's always good to have more than one source for comparison.
  • @callmejack

    I think SCP image for IBM PC DOS 1.00 will not be accepted.
    Because it's not Copy Protected.

    I offered dumped image with SCP.


    But it's not still accepted.

    I have 2 disks of IBM PC DOS 1.00 and dumped it with 5.25" 2D Drive and 5.25" 2HD Drive.

  • Due to space and bandwidth constraints, I usually reduce disk images to the "lowest common denominator".

    I usually don't include flux images with titles that are not copy protected, although I do encourage people to submit images in KF/SCP format so I can inspect them, even though I only keep them for my own records.

    If you want to share a flux dump on the forum that is perfectly fine. I can compare and see if there are any differences.

    It IS important to hunt down and preserve minor revisions, and most products have many of those. For example, I believe the was a PC-DOS 1.1 labeled as "with graphics" that MIGHT differ from regular 1.1. Also, if an archive is missing scans or manuals, we are always looking to fill in the blanks.

  • @SomeGuy I have a version of IBM PC DOS 1.1 with graphics but the disk included is the same as the regular 1.1 already on winworldpc (see first pic). In a discussion on FB someone pointed that he saw a version 1.1 with graphics for sale on eBay with a different number (see 2nd pic). It could be that my DOS1.1 with graphics has the wrong floppy inside.

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