PC-DOS 1.x

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PC-DOS 1.x

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  • Is PC Dos basically MS Dos?
  • Actually, IBM PC DOS is IBM OEM of MS-DOS with separate version numbers.
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    How did you find the Prerelase diskketes?
  • Starman's Realm goes into detail as to the provenance of the prerelease disk, the one used in the development of BASIC. Do a search for the website. Other prerelease disks with presumably different software being developed should have existed but haven't made a public appearance yet.

    In order to make 160kb and 320kb DOS disks readable in WINIMAGE,
    the following changes should be made to the floppy disk header.
    This is the first 32 bytes of the disk. You will need a hex editor for this.
    These modifications should work for most disks in WINIMAGE, and most disks
    should boot in DOS. There is one known exception, although it is readable
    in WINIMAGE, COMPAQ will not boot up in DOSBox if this change is made. Also this
    will not work for the infamous booter disks, since there are no files to see.
    As always NEVER attempt this on the original disks, make and use a copy.
    These are 5¼" disks.

    FOR 160KB disks:
    Starting with 000Bh through 001Dh, enter the following hex numbers:
    00 02 01 01 00 02 40 00 40 01 FE 01 00 08 00 01 00 00 00

    FOR 320KB disks:
    Starting with 000Bh through 001Dh, enter the following hex numbers:
    00 02 02 01 00 02 70 00 80 02 FF 01 00 08 00 02 00 00 00
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    PC DOS 1.00 runs fine in 86Box.

  • Is 86Box any different than DOSBox as far as running this?
  • @jonirob can you send the config to me, im still trying to get this to emulate on 86Box
  • @hdfsyu123fromroblox

    86Box v2
    Machine: [8088] IBM PC (1981)
    CPU: 8088/4.77
    Memory: 64 KB
    Display: CGA
    Floppy: 5.25" 180k

    No harddrive as PC-DOS 1 is floppy only.
  • @jonirob thanks, this will be helpful!
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