Adobe to end Flash Player Support 12/31/2020

Any thoughts?


  • Some commercial software that has a Flash interface is migrating to Harman Air. I guess it's a smaller jump than going to something like HTML5.
  • Mixed.

    On the one hand, it's the end of an era and there's still a ton of flash content out there which has not been migrated very well or at all.

    On the other hand, good riddance to bad rubbish. Flash was slow, buggy, and way, way over used in the mid 2000s. All those sites that decided it was a great idea to make the entire web page in flash.... or sometimes just the navigation menus... *ugh* I'm glad that stopped being a thing.

    It was great for universal video and audio playback though. It had a hand in completely revolutionizing how an entire generation consumed media thanks to the likes of YouTube. No longer did we have to install other crappy plugins like Quicktime... flash was the one crappy plugin to rule them all.

    But once we settled on standards for HTML5 video and audio, it really wasn't necessary anymore. And it never really took off for mobile use.

    RIP Flash. Now we need to get rid of Java...
  • If anyone knows of any earlier versions of Flash (the full product, not the player) I would love to add them to Winworld:

    Flash was meant as a desktop animation program. Up until at least Flash 7, there was a standalone win32 player. No nazi-ific web browser trying to implement its own will getting in your way. Double click badger.swf and and it's badger badger badger forever! No web browser needed.

    It made a horrible plug in. It was ok for self contained animations like badger-badger-badger but then assholes not only started to abuse it for advertising, but then retards started making ENTIRE WEB SITES using Flash!

    Because, you know, a standard text entry box or some such is not good enough, you have to have bouncy seizure inducing animations around everything, and for good measure piss on the user's color scheme and OS platform IU standard. Well, great, now we have "HTML5" that can't be uninstalled.

    Then it stuck around longer than it should have because of youtube and their use of flash for video playback. Which by itself was not a bad thing because a video codec is not something that should be built in to a browser... ugh.

    BTW, I agree we need to get rid of Java. It is one of those programs that makes things infinitely harder than it should be, probably as a form of job security.
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    Early Flash was useful but the web browser implementations were horrid.

    @SomeGuy I can attest to this. We still use tons of Java at work. (and for BACKUPS! ARRGGGG!)

    At least the HTML5 video and audio tags are simple enough and do what they were meant to do, and are browser/OS native. (As long as you use them with their regular implementations (like these:,, and without using YouTube or another third party site that has its own controls)
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