MS-DOS 4.01C?

On this site available MS-DOS 4.01c (File name).
But, this release idential to "Gold" MS-DOS 4.01 (7-4-1989).
Why label is 4.01c? This is mislabel? Or not?


  • I have no idea where that "C" came from. Probably a typo. I'll repackage and rename those soon.
  • I’ve got a copy of 4.01c that I found new in box a while back. When I get home from vacation I can compare my images to what is here.
  • Actually, looking at some photos of new shrink wrapped boxes, I see the outside version barcode sticker sometimes shows "MS-DOS 4.01 C0" or "MS-DOS 4.01 C3". But I don't believe that indicates anything about the actual version on the disks, more likely something about the packaging or media type.
  • Ok, so according to a MS-DOS 4.0x patch, there is technically 4.0, 4.01, 4.01a and a post 4.01a patch with one small bug fix.

    According to some other info: (ignoring PC-DOS)
    MS-DOS 4.00 Oct 1988
    MS-DOS 4.01 Nov 1988
    MS-DOS 4.01a Apr 1989 (but not actually labled as "A"!)
    MS-DOS 4.0x update release date 8/92, updated file date 1/12/90.
  • Results of my research:
    "Gold" MS-DOS 4.01 from 1989-04-07.
    Also exist patch 4.00 --> 4.01 from late 1988.
    I dont know, which differents between 4.01 patch (late 1988) and 4.01 gold (07-04-1989).
    Also exist 4.01a OEM (Nokia and Victor). I think, letter revision "A" from OEM, don't Microsoft.
    Also exist 4.01d Compaq OEM (4.01d in floppy label).
    I think, must be Compaq DOS 4.01a/4.01b/4.01c.
    4.01c in this site actually generic DOS 4.01 (don't "C").
    jafir, your copy has label 4.01c? We want see this :-).
    SomeGuy, may be C0 and C3 – various license?
    Also. May be, who has scan/photo label of patch-floppy?
  • So I think I will just identify the 4.01 version by date. I actually don't see any copies out there dated Nov 1988 .

    Yea, with Compaq their a/b/c/d would absolutely be their tool bundle revision.

    Without more information, C0/C3 could be all kinds of things. Perhaps media size? A code for the place where it was produced? The region it is sold in? The box/documentation revision level?

    I'm fairly sure the copy with mixed dates is just 4.00 with a patch run on it (in other words, non-origional). Aside from the date stamps, that is identical to 4.01.
  • I will be a couple of days before I can check mine, but I think it was just the box that had the C.
  • edited December 2020
    So I checked my copy, and the only place that the C shows up is on the box, where it says C0. On mine, the files are dated 4-7-1989, and the disks are 360K

    Here is a link to what I've got, including the box, floppies, manual, etc scanned: 4.01C0.7z?dl=0
  • jafir, thank you for this dump!
    It's great!
    Now we has full good dump with KF of English MS-DOS 4.01 Generic OEM!
    It's very good!
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