Need Windows 3.0 MME (Multimedia Extensions)

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Is this the right area? :?:

If so, please give an HTTP or FTP link to MME :?



  • Glad to see people using the forum.

    Ive seen requests for this but neer heard of anyone finding it. You might just want to get a new OS :\
  • We don't have a copy of it on hand now, but it was requested before (possibly by you) so we're still on the lookout for it.

    Do you know if it was a seperate version of Windows, or if it was an addon?


    PS. I'm going to create a software request are now.
  • It was an add-on that added multimedia capabilities to Windows 3.0
  • Ok, i've been searching all over for this and there just doesn't appear to be a download for it.

    From what i've found, it wasn't widely available (shipped with Tandy and some other brand multimedia PC's as an OEM Windows version, or was available from MS for developers).

    Most of the MME were incorporated into Windows 3.1, is it possible for you to just upgrade to that instead? Any program that worked with windows 3.0 should work with windows 3.1
  • I need it for an ABW site I am making
  • right ...i'm looking for it too , it is really hard to find , so it seems like (fail)
  • Yea I've found Pen Windows, that was hard, but I've never found 3MME yet.

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