UnixWare 1.x

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imageUnixWare 1.x

Unixware is a variant of Unix from Novell that incorporated its Netware features. It was later absorbed and merged with SCO Unix, which took on the Unixware name.

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  • To setup on Oracle Virtualbox you need to create a new machine which is a Linux machine then do Other Linux (32-Bit)! Enter any name you want for the machine then go to the machine settings and add a floppy disk controller and then put boot 1 of 3.img in the floppy disk drive, and make sure the unixware iso disc is in the Optical disk as well, and make sure your disk drive as a space not higher than 500 MB other wise you can not install, also make sure RAM amount is set to 16 MB for the mouse control setup do PS/2 Compatible mouse and make sure to follow the instructions on screen as you are setting up other wise you will set up wrong. DO NOT ENABLE TOKEN RING SUPPORT! The Optical Disk ISO is in the CDROM folder and all the Boot IMG files are in Floppies>1.44>01 Boot. The Personal Edition folder is in the same folder with the boot floppies. I hope this helps for anyone new who is trying this out.
  • I do not know how to set up on VMware Yet so please don't ask.
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    I don't think Novell NetWare 1.x was meant for Pentium XVIIIs with 16TB of RAM and a 500PB SSD. :P
  • Fun fact: UnixWare 1.x to 2.x was based on SVR4.2.
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