trying to install access 97 on Windows XP machine using ISO

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I downloaded access97 iso and I can't figure out how to get it to install, have it on USB stick and CD ... tried booting from CD but nothing loads. Right clicked and it asked to associate the ISO with software ...
Anyone know how to do this?
I am reading an old Beginning Access 97 VBA programing book and would love to see the books examples in action
Appreciate your help
Thank You


  • Install 7-zip. It will let you open ISOs, and extract the file contents to a folder.
  • Thank you so much ! I was able to extract the ISO and move to Windows XP machine via CD, went to install Access 97 which asked for the key, entered 111-111111 reject invalid key ... looked around on net, found someone who tried 1112-111111 and it worked !!! OMG this has been quite an exercise to get this old stuff running on an old computer so I could take an old VBA class. I enjoy looking at old classes and programs to see how they have evolved to todays Windows 11 ... etc .. Thank you again, appreciate your time and assistance
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