Browsers drop ftp support - I got bushwhacked.

Google search turned up a link for network card drivers, clicked on it in Brave - nothing happened. Hmm. fiddled for a few, somethings corrupted I think. Next time, Brave asked me if I wanted to open Chrome. Really? Something bizarre is gong on here...

OK, well, I want that driver, and didn't want to fire up a ftp client.

Hmmm, lets try Edge - worked.

So then I have to read up and discover that all chromium based browsers are dropping - or have dropped - ftp because of "security risks".

Anyway, long story short, found and downloaded a Brave standalone installer from last year, and ftp is working again.

PS: Also started "Services" in Win10 and disabled the two Brave update entries.

Blaw !!!


  • Browser support for FTP has always been kind of meh anyway. Much better to use another client that supports it better.
  • I use ftp clients regularly. Using google search, it was handy for me in finding likely named files, then browse up and down the ftp servers directories.

    If I found something of note, fire up the ftp client. Browsing is just...faster.

    Anyway, just going to roll back the browsers and lock them down.
  • I would just live with it.

    Most FTP sites I know shut down a few years ago and are now 100% HTTP anyways
  • They want to build everything including multiple kitchen sinks in to "modern" web browsers, yet they can't be arsed to support one dinky little transfer protocol. What a world.
  • Lots of ftp sites "out there". I use a browser and google to "search" for a particular scronky old file. Sometimes, it turns up a match on an ftp site. I want to have a look-see before actually downloading, so I stay in the browser and do just that. If the file date/timestamps matter, I fire up an ftp client. If its just a zip or two, I may fetch it in the browser.

    I've been doing this for decades, and I know it works well for me.
    PS: bandwidth, connection stability have vastly improved over the last decade under http. There once was a time, even a 1 meg file via http was questionable. Not so any more.

    Last night I found - via a browser and Google - a retail install of PowerDesk Utilies 1.0, a retail PowerDesk 98 3.0 and its 3.03 update.

    Not a bad nights work. (thumbs up)
  • palemoon browser still has ftp support as I'm using the latest version to access the Adobe FTP site (
    along with the Seamonkey browser suite:
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