Windows XP build 2223 VMware


I tried upgrading from Windows Neptune Build 5111 to Windows XP build 2223 but after Windows restarted it gave an error saying the signature is invalid and that it is a fatal error (the code is 800b0101) I then tried going to the BIOS and changing the boot device to a CD and after restarting Windows it gave the same error.

If you can tell me how to fix it IN VMWARE then please let me know.



  • Have you set the bios date to 12th April 2000?
  • edited August 2021
    I did it and it worked, Thanks!

    Edit: When I made a Longhorn EVO I had the same bios date for some all the builds that I did (even some beta 2 ones) and I kept the bios date to 23rd August 2002. Though it did take me a few days to upgrade through 11 builds.
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