Ebay: Box of 200 "Microsoft Windows 2.0/386 Disk 2 of 3" (2.03) 5.25 inch

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Well, here is something you don't see every day.


A box of 200 "Microsoft Windows 2.0/386 Disk 2 of 3" ("Utilities 2, Fonts, and Desktop Applications Disk") as they would have come directly from the duplicator to wherever they were assembling the packages, and/or perhaps sent out to OEMs.

From the date, I am guessing these are Windows 386 version 2.03.

My guess would be that these are perfectly normal extras, but they could have errors, defects or even be totally blank.

Information from the box:
Microsoft Disk Assembly
Part No.: 050-080-014
Description: 050-080-014 Windows 2 of 3 V 2.0
Duplicated on System MST _desktop_ Ldr. _3_
Work Order #23613-2
Pkg. Date 3/16/88 QTY. 200

P.O. #4886 LINE 10B CONTROL #SA10699
P.O. #23513

. -----200 DISKETTES


  • That’s interesting, but not $999 interesting. Most likely it would just get used for blank floppies after inspecting them and comparing them to other dumps. So 50¢ to $1 each is more like it. You can bet these were quality disks, as long as they weren’t rejects like you mentioned the possibility of.
  • The way I see it, any big value is just as a novelty item - something for someone to talk about or to feel close to some part of history. There are enough Microsofties that it would not surprise me if someone would pay more than $1 a disk. But yea, $999 is way too high.
  • Little update, it looks like it was brought down to about 1.6USD per disc. I think the seller probably was reading around and realized they weren't worth that much.
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