[OFFER] Exploring the IBM Personal Computer XT v2.00

I have found, bought and dumped one of your wanted disks. Exploring the IBM Personal Computer XT v2.00. If you want it, please let me know how I upload it for you. Thank you.


  • If it’s a single disk image and a scan of the floppy label, usually the smaller ones can just be attached to this message. Larger dumps (raw flux dumps, etc) you can send to a file hosting (I’ve used Dropbox on occasion) and post a link and someguy will probably download it and add it to his pile of stuff to review and eventually post.
  • Sorry for the delay. It took me ages to get access to a scanner. I've included a hi-res scan of the disk, the DCF file from disk-copy-fast and the converted IMA image using winimage.

    I've tested this by in turn converting to use with a floppy drive emulator and successfully booting from the image.

    I've scanned the disk pre-imaging with an antivirus so am reasonably confident it's not going to be infected with anything.
  • Thanks for offer the rare Exploring the IBM PC v2.00
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