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    Interesting, those IBM PC LAN disks have "IBM 3.4" as the OEM boot string.

    Also, the IBM PC LAN Program "1.10" that is included is actually 1.12
  • These are brand new old stock never opened until today. So interesting indeed. The box says 1.10 but I just checked the floppy label and yes says 1.12. They must of included an updated copy in the release. :open_mouth:
  • Thanks very much for sharing nice IBM program.
  • No problems. Everything I get I archive and share. Thats the nature of the game ;)
  • Is there any chance you could include disk and box scans (or at least readable photos) with these? Thanks.
  • I'll take a look and see I can do. I'll include them in the zip files on
  • I downloaded Reflection 1.
    It seems to be good dump, thanks.
  • @SomeGuy I don't have a scanner. Would photos do? Can you crop them?
  • For our needs, yes, photos are fine. The key thing is that all text and any images on the label or box are readable.

    The thing is, years down the road when someone has a question about revision/version/localization or such, some obscure little number or marking can answer big questions. In the case of IBM stuff, manuals and disks always have "part numbers" on them. If the boxes happen have the outer sleeves on them, they often have marketing descriptions, art, and requirement information that may not appear anywhere else in the product.

    Yes, I can adjust images if needed. If you don't happen to have anywhere "pretty" to take photos, often just grabbing a solid-colored bed sheet and throwing it over a chair or couch will make a quick and easy temporary backdrop.

  • @robbo007 Thanks for the token ring stuff. I have some TR cards that I'd like to get running, as well as a hub and a couple of Cisco routers with 16/4 connections.
  • @nickb333 No worries. Yeah I just finished settings mine up. Works so well. I've got a Cisco 2612 as my bridge between ethernet and token-ring. Plus a MAU for the IBM's.
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