[Offer] Visicalc (v??) for IBM PC, 1981 (SCP, TD0, TC)

This is an early version of Visicalc, by Software Arts, for the IBM PC, dated 1981

I could not boot from the disk, maybe there a problem with the boot files. I was able to run the software after I booted from another boot disk.

I had problem duplicating the disk, it may be copy protected. The copy made using Supercard Pro didn't work but the one with TransCopy worked.

I also included the content of the disk, although the file IBMVC.COM gave an error during the copy, maybe that's where the copy protection is.



  • Thanks.

    I also have same disk with different S/N or Lot No.
    I downloaded and wrote your scp image to real 5.25" 360KB drive.

    Your image seems to be no problem to copy.

    Here is link.


    VISICALC11.scp --> My disk (Dump 1)
    VISICALC12.scp --> My disk (Dump 2)
    VISICALC13.scp --> Your disk (Dump 1)
    VISICALC14.scp --> Your disk (Dump 2)

    I wrote your image and dumped it with Splice mode. (Track 0-41)
  • @ibmpc5150 thanks very much ! Were you able to boot from the disk ? I tried on my IBM XT and Olivetti M24 but it didn’t work (black screen, system frozen).
  • IBM PC software is not usually bootable, because they would have had to license IBM PC-DOS.

    You will, however often see dummy system files on such disks. This is done to reserve space, as the early SYS command will flat out refuse to copy system files if they can not be placed on the very first sectors on the disks.

    Yes, this is copy protected. There appears to be an intentionally mis-numbered sectors with an intentionally invalid CRC on the very last track.

  • @SomeGuy very interesting, I didn’t know that.
  • Does anyone know which version this is ? Is there a way to interpret the value VC-156Y0 ? Is it a serial number or indicates a version (like 1.56?)
  • edited November 2021

    1) Your disk from version 1.00 by Personal Software

    2) My disk from version 1.00 by Personal Software

    3) My disk from version 1.00 by Personal Software + IBM OEM

    This was also released as IBM OEM version 1.00, but it is same as original version 1.00 by Personal Software.
    In conclusion, the versions by IBM OEM and Personal Software are identical to each other except for the serial number.
  • @ibmpc5150 are your disks labelled as version 1.0 ? how did you determine it's version 1.0 ?
  • It would say so on IBM's label. Although that version number would appear nowhere in the disk content. Which is why having disk label scans is so critical.

    IBM labeled IBM's first OEM release as "1.00", even though that is not the version numbering VisiCalc/VisiCorp/Peronal Software used internally. That would be VC-156Y0-IBM.

    IBMPC5150, even though the content is the same, it would be nice to have a KF/SCP dump and label scans of that.
  • I see, thanks very much !
  • @callmejack

    Yes, IBM OEM version is 1.00.
    But there is no meaning to dump it if Personal Software version is already dumped.
    (There is no difference except serial number.)
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