[OFFER] Windows ME (Trad. Chinese) [Legit ISO]

The Trad. Chinese Windows ME ISO on WinWorld is not legitimate as some folder dates in it are Sep 11, 2007, instead of Jun 8, 2000.

So I somehow happened to find a legit ISO of this version, so I want to contribute it:



  • Somehow? Are you sure these are legit? Have you tested them?

    Do you have media scans or photos?

    Also, please do not rename RAR files with the "7z" extension. They look like they are corrupt until I rename them.
  • 1. I opened it via PowerISO
    2. I don't sadly
    3. I see
  • For the record, I have done research and testing.
    winworldpc SHA1: aa617c42159a4cdda46669d5a901211833ef1836
    ShermanRetroWindowsFan SHA1: 3ddb35bb2391cd93a886ef2acec25e7ba19794eb

    TLDR: @ShermanRetroWindowsFan was right.

    Why he was right:
    1) winworldpc one is bootable. Retail WinME is not supposed to be bootable.
    2) winworldpc one has wrong timestamp.
    3) winworldpc's "oemsetup.exe" came from 1998.
    Sherman's one are like ENU, CHS and JPN version, all from 2000.

    That said, winworldpc's one is not too far off from legit. Except "oemsetup.exe" and timestamp, all other files are identical in these two versions.

    And I installed Sherman's copy in VMware, it works fine.
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