Norton Utilities 2.0x

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imageNorton Utilities 2.0x

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  • Just a small note: original images do not have BPB 3.0 data in range 0x0B - 0x1A, all those bytes are zeroes.

  • Was that causing a specific problem? In retrospect perhaps I should have included images converted to ImageDisk format since so many disk writers don't like 160k, with or without bios parameter block information.

  • It causes no problems. Moreover, it makes these images readable for many emulators and floppy tools that wouldn't work with it without BPB. It's just some information for those who wonder - how BPB 3.0 (that was introduced later) appeared on disks from 1983.

    And one more small note. According to NU 2.01 dated November 3, 1983 has corrupted HU.COM

  • Also, if you want to see HDD versions of utils in action, better use it with small (<= 10Mb) HDDs. They won't recognize bigger units.
  • *Norton Utilities 2.01 (11-3-1983) (5.25-160k)

    --> This has bad sector on Side B disk. (HU.COM seems to be broken.
    This disk needs re-dump.

    Refer this
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