Internet access for wfw 3.11 in VPC

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Well, I have found instructions on how to set up networking in VMware, now how about VPC? Has anyone done it? Any idea what "network adapter" VPC uses? I think it may use your real one right? Cause it complains about networking when my nic adapter is disabled...


  • I think VPC uses a Digital Equipent Corp. (DEC) network card, and VMWare uses an AMD PCnet thingy.
  • Well, VMware uses AMD PCnet, your right there. There are many DEC network cards in 3.11 though...
  • Yep, VPC uses DEC, but none of the built-in drivers. My guess is to install Windows 95 and check,
  • Hrm...nope...seems that VMware is just easier to network.

    Why can't they provide a dos/win driver for it....
    Hell, they should list the exact hardware they emulate...
  • well, this post is from insidse VMware. This works just fine, but it does seem that VPC is harder... Well VMware seems to be used more widely too, probably cause it's so much easier to configure.
  • Yeah VPC uses a "DEC Tulip"
  • Read the help file in VPC people!

    From VPC 2004 and 5.x:


    Intel 440BX

    Sound card:
    Creative Labs Sound Blaster 16 ISA Plug and Play

    Network adapter:
    DEC 21140A 10/100

    Video card:
    S3 Trio 32/64 PCI with 8 MB Video RAM
  • LOL, I thought I read that thing.

    8Mb? is this MS VPC? I though Connectix had 4Mb
  • I was having trouble finding that before...the help file was kinda hard to look through.
    One more thing w00t!!!. Thanks a lot.
  • Nice, Duff. Now we all know!
  • hey, if anyone wants...I've found working video and network drivers so far. Sound will follow shortly. says sound blaster 16..well I already have sb16 plug and play drivers...maybe that will work.
  • As I know, VPC emulates DEC 21140A network card
  • Hrm..strange, windows 98 detects is an an Intel 21140A card...meh same thing.
  • Well, posting on VPC and 3.11 now. Got myself 800x600 and 16 million colors and although when booting dos shows some invalid vendor ID, I got sound working also. There is many other resolutions besides 800x600 but I don't like to let my guest be the same size as my host, but oddly enough when in full screen this window is centered instead of my monitor adjusting...guess that's just my wacky machine. What else can I do with this 3.11 and internet explorer... anything you guys can think of?
  • Old games for whatever reason, maybe?
  • SigX!

  • Will the Java version run?
    Will the C++ run?
  • Heres what I did. I installed Windows 95b. It found the nic and everything. I copyed the SYSTEM.INI, PROTOCOL.INI and the *.DOS file. Can't remember the name though. Anyway, I copyed them to a Floppy and then wxit windows95 and started my DOS6.22 / Windows 3.11 Guest OS. I setup the network in Windows 3.11 to use that NEC2000 compatable card. Ofcorse it would work but with the files on the floppy you can make it work by copying the *.DOS file to C:\Windows and open the SYSTEM.INI in notepad on the floppy and also open the one in the C:\WINDOWS directory also. Copy all network info from the floppy one to the otherone. Save and exit. Do the same thing with the PROTOCOL.INI files. Reboot the Guest OS and pray.

    It should work. If not then take a look at the settings and tweakthem.
  • Hey! That's a good idea! That's a great idea!! It was so easy!
  • uhm...I like the directions and windows 3.x drivers I have. Hey, I can't even get sigx to work on XP, the program says it fails to update my sig.
  • I am using Comcast Cable to connect to the web and am running Windows 3.1 in VPC. I am trying to setup the connection but am getting too confused. Can someone post for me step-by-step what exactly I need to do? Thanks! :D
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