[Offer] Ashton Tate Chart Master 6.21 (SCP, IMG, IMZ) [3.5 720K]

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This is version 6.21 of Ashton Tate Chart Master 6.21

This version is not copy protected.


The floppy dumps (3.5" 720k) are available in several formats :
  • SCP format
  • IMG format (created from SCP)
  • IMZ format (created winth Winimage)


  • Thanks!

    Unfortunately CM1B.EXE has different time/year stamp on disk 1.
    I don't now disk 1 is modified.
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    That's strange because I first thought it had been serialized but when I run the program it asks for user name and serial, as if it was the first time that it was run

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    I just realized that I already posted a package "Master Graphics Presentation pack 1.0" which includes Master Graphics 6.21. So the above version can be discarded
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    The ones with the master graphics presentation pack are 360k media, so this is a bit different. But even if it were identical, having alternate (alt) dumps to verify completeness is always good.

    Hmm, I don't see any label scans in that archive. Would you scan the disk labels please?

    BTW, you might consider using more meaningful file names for your artwork. It makes it easier to spot if you missed anything. I usually use names like box-front, box-back, box-bottom, media-setup, media-utils, or media-disk01, media-disk02 if numbered, and so on.
  • @SomeGuy Oops, I forgot the floppy labels. Here is the link with the updated content

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    @ibmpc5150 your're correct, I didn't spot that. The 5.25" version from "Master Graphics Presentation pack 1.0" contained a file called cm1b.lod instead of the cm1b.exe. When you run setup it will create cm1b.exe from cm1b.lod.
    It looks like the remains of the previous copy protection scheme where setup would serialize the exe file with the name and serial number. In this version there's no copy protection anymore but the process remains the same.
    It should be possible to recreate the original content using the 5.25" content.
    here is the cm1b.lod file from the 5.15" version
    CM1B.7z 30.7K
  • Thanks.
    Would you please upload 5.25" version of it?
  • Thanks. Now, I fixed (restored) perfectly.

    (Disk 1 and Disk 2 are modified, but fixed it.)
  • @ibmpc5150 thanks for fixing the disk !
  • @callmejack

    I also thanks for offer this rare program.
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