[OFFER] Writer File Plus (Year:1988)

*Writer File Plus (Year:1988)

Media : 3.5" 720KB - 1EA
OS : MS-DOS 3.2 or higher

(This was dumped by original media, no broken, no modified.)

I attached it as file.


  • So, I finally got around to looking at this program.

    It is a rather snappy, professional looking word processor. But there is no information at all out there about it.

    I looked up the company, and Keypunch Software mainly dealt with games, much mail-order, explaining the "insert game diskette" instructions on the label.

    But more interestingly, there is this page: http://www.thealmightyguru.com/Wiki/index.php?title=Keypunch_Software that describes how Keypunch Software frequently distributed software that they had not licensed, often changing the names, editing graphics and text, and removing credits, from other programs.

    So, this could be a rip-off of some other commercial or shareware product. Does it look familiar to anyone?

    I would use caution running it - when I ran its utilities in one of my emulators, they complained about failing "int13" operations. Which it should not be doing.

  • The COM files have a copyright Borland message embedded inside. The main Writer program looks to have been based on Microstar, the larger sample editor in the Turbo Pascal Toolbox. The drop down menus having Block on the left is a distinctive feature. I am not sure where the Mail or Phone programs come from but those are probably also Borland samples slightly modified for release.
  • Wow, so this one really is a bit of a rip-off then. Thanks for identifying that.
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    It could also be a word editor created using Borland’s Turbo Editor Toolbox.

  • Incidentally, I went ahead and posted it: https://winworldpc.com/product/writer-file-plus/
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