IBM Personal Computer Sales/Service Training AT 1.00

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imageIBM Personal Computer Sales/Service Training AT 1.00

IBM Personal Computer AT Sales and Service Training is an interactive training lesson that quizzes you on the operation, maintenance, and diagnostics of an IBM Personal Computer AT. It is designed to be used in conjunction with the training manual.

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  • Just finished archiving this one. I think it is an interesting look at how IBM marketed the AT. These programs remind me of the crappy online assessments/tests that employers love so much.

    There is supposed to be a training manual with it, but that was not included. If it was like the PCjr version, it may have even had VHS cassettes with it. Not sure what the actual boxed product would have been named exactly, so I just went with one similar to the PCJr version.

    These disks were also very filthy. I was a bit surprised I was able to clean them and get a good dump from them.
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