This is a bootable floppy of PC-DOS 7.1, made with the download available at IBM's website. Created by making a blank floppy image, booting the PC-DOS 2000 Setup floppy from this website in a VM, running sys.com to install the bootloader, deleting the added files, and copying over the PC-DOS 7.1 files.


PCDOS 7.1 Download from IBM'S website, for reference
(PC-DOS 7.1 is found within that file at sgdeploy\sgtk\DOS\)

- This was never fully released and many things do not work. SYS.COM is an example of that, but you can use FORMAT /S or FORMAT32 /S instead.
- A text editor is available at DOS\E.COM.
- FDISK.COM is replaced with FDISK32.COM, which supports FAT32 but is broken on VirtualBox, unfortunately. As an alternative, copy fdisk from FreeDOS, which works fine. Grab that here. all you need is the fdisk.exe in the BIN directory. Ignore the rest.
- When formatting FAT32, use format32.


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