Autodesk AutoCAD r11 (DOS)

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imageAutodesk AutoCAD r11 (DOS)

AutoCAD, from Autodesk and first released in 1982, is a powerful Computer Aided Design tool. It was, and still is, often considered the standard for CAD tools. Primarily for the IBM PC platform, it was ported to x86 machines with higher video resolutions such as the Zenith Z-100 and NEC APC. Intermittently, versions for the Macintosh appeared. Later versions use a dongle copy protection.

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  • In order to upgrade the AutoCAD dos extender to work with DOSBOX, OS2 and other extended memory managers (HIMEM.SYS, EMM386.EXE, QEMM.SYS), you need to install the NEWDX patch that can be found in the OS2PCH.ZIP which can be downloaded from
    Extract the NEWDX.EXE, put it in the directory where ACAD.EXE is and run the command:
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