Reattaching Disk Labels (archival quality adhesive)?

I have several disks from a newly acquired lot that I plan on archiving from Rainbow Software (a shareware house). They all have the standard, dot-matrix-printed sticky labels which, since '91, have lost their stickiness.

I have been searching for something that will re-apply these labels and hold up in the long-term without yellowing the plastic, and without becoming too rigid for the 5.25 disks to naturally and safely flex underneath. Also important is the material not off-gas in any way, since these will be stored until I can donate a large number to a proper software archive (of course, after first putting them up on

Some of the issues I have discovered are...
*Archival-quality paper adhesives do not adhere to plastic well, if at all
*Gentile natural glues (stick glue) do not adhere
*other glues are rigid, they are caustic, or they contribute to the yellowing of paper
*3M and other brand adhesive sprays off-gas for several days/weeks and require a lot of space
*double-sided adhesive tapes add another layer of plastic (Depends on whether or not adding material to items that are meant to be preserved matters)

Does anything come to mind? Thanks all!


  • I have no idea how it holds up long term, but lately I have been using a scotch double sided "permanent" adhesive roller.

    I had been using 3m "super 77" spray, but I got tired of how that stuff can go everywhere, and damage labels when it gets on the front.
  • I will pick some up and try them, thanks. I have a cart building with a few of the more reasonable options (right now, double sided tape, a strengthier hold style of glue stick, and some "light duty" spray adhesive).

    Ultimately it's whether this will matter to someone down the line, and so I'd like to err on the side of caution if at all possible.
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