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Internet Explorer is Microsoft's venture into the Web Browser market. The initial version of Explorer was incarnated from Spyglass Mosaic which Microsoft licensed for a modest quarterly fee and a share of the non-Windows product revenues. As Microsoft decided to distribute Internet Explorer "free of charge" with their Windows operating system, they were able to avoid most royalties. This resulted in a lawsuit and a US$8 million settlement in January 1997. Being included in Windows since Windows 95 and beyond, it quickly overtook Netscape in the first Browser War and retained ~95% of market share until the early 2000's when popular alternative browsers such as Mozilla Firefox came to market sparking the 2nd browser war. Internet Explorer was long known for disobeying set web standards by the W3C until version 9 when Microsoft took a new commitment to HTML5 and web standards.

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    I Cannot Open Internet Explorer 1 On Windows 10
  • I don't think IE 1.0 will run on anything other than Windows 95.
  • OTVDM exists, use that to run IE 1 in windows 10 (Internet Explorer itself, not the setup)
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  • Thanks for pointing that out. I prefer to fill these entries with original content based on my own experiences and research. This was probably rapidly filled in by one of the other admin when the database was originally set up. Unfortunately I can't give every single product the time it deserves. As you might be able to tell from all the "Language: False" download entries I never got around to cleaning this product entry up. This is sort of the ass-end of Winworld here. There is actually not even much point to having IE posted as it is actually licensed for free redistribution. Most of these aren't even from original floppy/CD media. I'll make a note to update it.
  • Ok, I've updated the descriptions, and I have started to clean up some of the entries.

    A few additional things to note about IE 1. It was released at the same time as Windows 95. It was included with 95 Plus!. It was NOT bundled with the original retail DMF floppy version of 95, nor was it bundled with the original retail upgrade CD. It looks like most OEM Windows 95 CDs bundled it. I've seen later 95 floppy boxes that had IE 3 disks with them.

    IE 1 was also available for download from Microsoft's web/FTP site.

    The floppy disk version posted above is just something someone threw together. Was there an official IE 1 floppy disk? I don't believe I ever saw one. Was there any other official IE 1 CD-ROM besides the 95 Plus!?
  • Glad to hear, thanks!
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