Norton Commander 1.x

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imageNorton Commander 1.x

Norton Commander is a MS-DOS based file shell that was widely popular due to it's two column design. You could easily copy and move files between one folder or another, execute DOS commands and more. It competed against many other file managers including Gazelle Q-DOS and Xtree

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  • "Norton Commander 1.00"
    "Image quality: Not dumped from original disk."

    Actually it looks like a dump of the original disk with two files added later ( and
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    This is photo of package from Norton Commander 1.00

    I really didn't know SomeGuy uploaded it again, but only Boot ID was fixed.

    Yes, this is Not dumped from original disk directly.
    Because there is no reason that unnessary system files are recorded and blank sector is different from original.
    Refer to the diskette package for the answer that this is obviously different from the dump from the original.
  • That 1.00 was already on Winworld, but I repackaged it for consistency with the other stuff. If you have a better dump, by all means submit it.
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