[Offer] Microsoft Business Basic Compiler 1.10 (SCP, IMG) [5.25 160K]

Microsoft Business Basic Compiler 1.10

This is an early version of Microsoft Basic compiler, dated april 8th 1984.

Floppy disks dumps (160K) are in SCP and IMG (derived from SCP).

Included is a scan of the manual in pdf.



  • Wow, this is similar to Microsoft BASIC Compiler 5.36
  • I was looking over this software Thanks @callmejack.
  • Oh, nice, I remember Business Basic from Microsoft Xenix. I was under the impression it was not directly related to their regular BASIC compiler.
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    Microsoft Business Basic Compiler has lot feature was left out Microsoft Basic Compiler. There is a book called "Using The Microsoft Business Basic Compiler On The IBM PC" on Archive.Org. In the Book its scribe Microsoft Business Basic Compiler has a subset of Microsoft Basic Compiler. It also added some Assembly Language Commands in the Compiler. @SomeGuy is right

  • Business BASIC is an entire category of BASICs emphasizing accuracy of calculations over performance and including a set of database functions.

    MS tried to split the difference between Business BASIC and micro BASIC with Handheld BASIC which had more advanced database functions but lost most of the graphics functions available to GW-BASIC. The planned use case of inventory control required something more complex than the very rudimentary abilities of GW-BASIC.
  • @callmejack Do you have Microsoft Sort in your Collections.
  • Double checking it seems the Xenix "Business Basic" I was thinking of was actually from Technical Analysis Corporation (TAC) Not Microsoft.
  • @johnlennon364 no, I don’t have this one.
  • @callmejack Okay, I hope we found one day.
  • I thought this software deserved a better scan of its documents, with removal of ghost background. The files size is also reduced.

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