[Offer] IBM Accounts Receivable 1.0 for IBM PC (SCP, IMG) [5.25]

IBM Accounts Receivable 1.0 for IBM PC

This software is part of the IBM Business Management suite and runs on IBM PC (min DOS 2.0, 256K RAM).

In 1984 it costs was $695, which would be around $1860 now,

Images in SCP and IMG format (derived from SCP).

I also included a scan of the user manual.



  • Wow, thanks very much for rare IBM Business Management suite series.

  • @callmejack Disk 5 has a decoding error in both PCE tools an HxC on track 0 head 1. Could you please try checking the disk for dirt/damage and re-dumping the disk a couple more times?

    Also, I am still seeing quite a lot of noise on all tracks on the second head. Make sure you have cleaned the heads. You might consider using a different drive.
  • I changed drive again, it should be better now. Here is disk5 again


    Do you know something better than head cleaning diskettes ? It doesn't always seem to clean perfectly.
  • Thanks for upload disk 5 again.
  • When cleaning disks don't get everything, I usually take a q-tip and flatten the end with pliers, then use that with alcohol to clean the head. But you have to be very careful not to pull the top head up too much or it can bend the stuff holding it down. Also that means the drive and heads must be easily accessible, and on some drive models that may mean disassembly.

    From my experience the only time I have needed to do that was with bad Wabash disks that fell apart in the drive. Since then I have gotten better at cleaning disks, and knowing when to "test fit" them in to a non-functional drive that doesn't matter if the heads get borked.
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