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imagePageMaker 6.x

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  • According to the Swedish doc´s Adobe PageMaker 6.0 is also possible to install in Windows 3.1 with Win32s ( I have not tested yet ).

  • As per the Adobe press release (, PageMaker 6.0 can be installed on Windows 3.1.
    I tested the Adobe PageMaker 6.0 (3.5) (English) set and was able to install on Windows 3.1.
    To install it, insert disk 16 FIRST and run setup.exe to install Microsoft Win32s
    When this is done the setup program restarts Windows
    Then insert disk 1 and run setup.exe to install PM6.0
    You will need to add the line "device=share.exe" to your autoexec.bat

    As an added bonus the Win32s setup program offers you the option to install FreeCell :-)


  • PM6.0 running on a Windows 3.1 virtual machine (only 640x480 16 colours as I didn't bother to install SVGA as well).

  • Quite right. It appears the official requirements include Windows 3.1 with Win32s as well as 9x/NT. Updated the description.
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