[offer] Mathcad 3.1 for windows (SCP. IMG) [3.5" 1.44]

This is version 3.1 of Mathcad, for Windows.

Floppy disks are 3.5" 1.44MB and 720KB, images in SCP and IMG (derived from SCP).

Interstingly, the software does not run on international versions of Windows (tried win 3.0 french), there is a splash screen informing that the software is not for sale outside USA and Canada.

Running on W2K english was no problem. But unfortunately I noticed that the program was licenced so floppy disks were probably modified.



  • Thanks, but disk 1 seems to be modified.

    Here is resoted disk 1.
  • Yes, as I mentioned, it was probably licenced to the previous owner. Thanks for fixing that.
  • Unfortunately, that change does not remove the serialization. It looks like it hides that inside the dir1.zip file, which is not really a valid zip file.
  • Strangely my link on mega was removed due to copyright issue. The origin of this action is bsa@ap.opsecsecurity.com, anyone knows something about that ?
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