Metaframe for NT TS

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I needs citrix metaframe for NT TS...:)
Ive found it for 2k but it wont work at all on NT :S
help!! :P


  • what is Citrix MetaFrame?
  • Yeah, I dunno too what is it.
  • its where you work off the server like terminal services but ciritrx works in dos. and you can buy pcs with no hdd that work with citirix..
  • Yup, what he said! :P
    Lol just a terminal services add on basically
  • yeah they had it where i used to work.
    the thin clients are very expensive though!
  • Ahh Diskless workstations, or something (BOOTP)...

    Nevermind me, I'm just remembering...

  • they're fun we had to fix the switch the servers were connected to when we turned it off. the room full of them just went.
    the screens just went off
    the phone never stopped ringing for the 3 hours untill we turned the swtich back on!
    even then we had to wait for the metaframe server to get its address from the DHCP server.....
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