New XP theme added.

edited July 2004 in News & Announcements
If your getting tired of the look of "subBlack" which is the locked default, go to your profile, and choose a different "Board Style". Ive added "phpxp2" which looks like this:


Your settings will NOT automatically change to this. If you wish to change, you MUST make the change manually.

Ill add more upon request.


  • Damn, this is just as BAD as the OS X theme. You should warn people about changing the phpBB theme. Such a big contrast! Should wear sunglasses for protection. :cool:

    Can't you find a theme that's not so WHITE? Something darker but not on the greyscale.

    Oh yeah, and in this theme, the fonts are too small. Evil... DELETE! lol
  • Leave it. Some people might want to use this theme in the future.
  • Yeah, personally, I kinda like it, but smartDark ownz all.... Its what back when only WinWorld used this forum, it had, like, waaay back when "Kdog849" ran the forum, but lost its data alot.
  • The origional WW phpBB board used SubBlack, the one after that was phpXP2. When this one just started Duff tried to make it just phpXP2, claiming that it was what we origionally used. I managed to tell him otherwise.


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