Maniasoft hidden

edited August 2004 in News & Announcements
I locked and hid them to reduce forumn size. There hadn't been posts in them in a long time, and they weren't the best idea to begin with. When phpBB 2.2 comes out, they'll be unhidden and moved to a historical section.



  • Thos forums were a bad idea in the first place

    It was just an outlet for SP@M and for everyone to piss and moan saying "windes is so terrible"
  • They were funny at first...
  • ...but got old fast.


    PS. I still think that I should've just left it as one thread.
  • Yeah, it was just an exuse to post spam and an extra forum to read
  • It was juts like that gay government thing, but not as bad.
  • government?
  • Oh yeah the government thing. What was the point of that?
  • making me incharge
  • Dont know, Q made it a thread, but duff went and made it an entire section. As I stated in it before, I think it was retarded. It was just room for mindless filler posts.
  • i was the president of WinBoards, because everyone else forgot about trying to run for it
  • Yeah... wasn't Mr Clean the president?
  • I still am, in my secret parliament, but shh shh on that
  • No you arent and werent, you were the communist dictator..


    Mr. Clean wrote:
    Come common laboureurs and overthrow the bourgeise who have enslaved you so long! Take your hammer in one hand and your sickle in the other and cast out these conspirators! The twenty first century shall be a century built for the prolitariat!
  • um. no i was president, i ran as communist dictator, buit i became president
  • Yeah I remembered that Mr. Clean was president.
  • Q wrote:
    MrClean - President
    FishNet650 - Vice President

    DuffDude650 - Head fo the Internet Adminsitration
    SurfinSHELL23 - Deputy Head of the Internet Administration
    MentalMadnesss - Head of the Office Against Internet Advertising, Popups, Spam, Spyware and Internet Explorer
    Dr. Ping - Director of Eliminating Mass Mail Solicitation

    IBMWarpster - Attorney General

    James - Commander Janitor General

    I think I didn't forget anyone.


    PS. Don't reply to this unless it's to correct something that I wrote.
  • Yep... I knew it.
  • It was all pointless...Mainasoft and the Government boards...glad its hidden.
  • it was fun for a while, actually, but then we ran out of stuff to post about

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