What happened to fishnet.dyndns.org?

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Yeah, so I noticed it was gone, so I emailed dyndns asking why my account was blocked...

Your site at
http://fishnet.dyndns.org:81/winworld/s ... an/os.html was
illegally distributing copyrighted materials. This is in serious
violation of our AUP and international law.

Tim Wilde
Systems Administrator
Dynamic Network Services, Inc.

So yeah, NO-IP ownz dyndns, because they dont claim that links to oses, and ancient OSes are illegal. So it is now http://fishnet.no-ip.org:81/winworld

Im assuming it was Ridgeback or Illegal Concepts, because theyre real mature and would do that, especially since I owned the domain www.tux-os.tk and made it point to winworld.


  • Yea noip is better, tho they have popups but most (smart) people use mozilla firefox or opera or adleast ie with a popup blocker so they dont see that.
  • Uhh its only got a popup if you use the damn web redirect thing that you guys keep using, I set mine to a web host and dont get one.
  • good job...the shorter the better.
  • Hmmm... I was used to the dyndns, though. Oh well.
  • OK everyone, get set to get used to it again, Ive been talking to the guy there, and hes ublocked the acount, and Ive re-made the DNS. So far, it only goes to, but when I find out how I can use it for OSes (like link to a different server) I'll be able to set it up. I just need one more response from Tim Wilde.
  • Why we goin back to DYNDNS if NO-IP ownz?
  • because we were all used to dyndns and it makes Ridgeback's attempts look stupid and pointless
  • so what? Just use the domain for the site....typing the long url is a pain...
  • Because Fishs router has DynDNS built in, no has to have some user client to update.

  • What's Ridgeback trying to do now?
  • He got ticked @ Fish and WinWorld, so he reported our "illegal software" to DynDNS to get us suspended. Lot of good it did.

  • Who/what is this Ridgeback thing?
  • How'd we find out that he did this... man I feel out of the loop.
  • your not the only one ssh.
  • I think this Ridgeback stuff happened a few months before I joined.

    EDIT: Might want to read this to catchup. http://fishnet.no-ip.org:81/winworld/fo ... =ridgeback
  • Heres what I think happened. Someone I know told me that WinWorld was posted on the site www.w\a\r\e\z\l\i\n\k.net's forum. This got my DNS shown, and DynDNS took it down because of a report of it. Who posted it? Who knows, maybe Ridgeback? Anyway, this is what I THINK happened, I'll find out soon when Tim Wilde replies to my email. He has been very helpful in getting the DNS and account unlocked, but I am waiting to see if I can link to the downloads and not have them hosted on the DynDNS address.
  • Those people are assholes who report us because of abandonware....losers.
  • Hmph. Seems to be an agreeable guy (Wilde, not Ridgeback).
  • Yeah he does, most managers wont even negtioate it.
  • Fish is lucky that way, all the Verizon ppls he talks with are like, "Well, we don't really care if you run a serverer".

  • yeah Verizon owns. lol...comcast...blows!
  • CC may suck, but Cox is FAR worse.

  • Cox has a 30GB down / 7.5GB up monthly limit, comcasts is 100GB total.
  • Hahahah... COX! The name says it all!
  • Yea MrC made note of that too...

  • That has always made me wonder (Cox)...

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