NT4 pissing me off....

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I got like 4 copys of Windows Nt 4.0. Everytime I install it, then install SP5, the SAME file and THAT FILE ONLY gets corrupted....NTVDM.EXE. I would boot up and a bad checksum error for NTVDM.EXE is either missing or corrupt....HELP!!!!

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  • Were you the one who wanted NT 4 TS? Since your gettin it from me :P
  • ...I want it....but that has nothing to do with my post...I want to know how to fix MY problem about NTVDM.EXE
  • gggrrr, Im STILL getting that error even with no SP or even SP6A.
  • Can you erase NTVDM ahead of time so it wont get screwed?

  • LOL.



    Just delete the file all together and it works!

    YAY! Now those PCs dont have to use 9X......even 98Lite choked on the 133Mhz/64MB of coarse I think somethings fucked up. I had 98SE on the thing when I just got it....maby I just didnt know how slow it was. of coarse, back then I had NT 3.51 on a 386SLC 20Mhz /12MB RAM. LOL.
  • Hey, problem solved!

    The only thing is that now you can't use DOS programs in NT, but then again NTVDM isn't the best thing even to happen to DOS...

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