• Winboy, I question your computer skills. It has barely anything to do with eyecandy. A 500MHz-ish can do eye candy shit just fine, its how the operating system is built.
  • Visual themes can slow down a computer, but I think that the main reason it's so bad is all the code bloat!

  • Hmmm.... you're both right, in my opinion.
  • Me and Q said basically the same. Its more the core bloat. Visual components dont need a 3GHz+ PC.
  • I'm sure MS will find some screensaver that needs a 1 GB Video Card and a 10 GHz processor.
  • You Can NEVER Compare linux and windows it this simple linux is the best M$ sucks! You can run linux on anything 2 ps2 xbox pc router more!
  • Q wrote:
    Visual themes can slow down a computer, but I think that the main reason it's so bad is all the code bloat!

    Microsoff doesnt seem to care what they put in their code as long as it looks good and will attract n00bs to buy their buggy software. MS needs to fire all their devlopers (and hire better ones who dont put the fuck or shit words in thier code), dump all their projects and start over. but then id be out of a job.
  • I think MS should let a person select (during setup) wether a person wants the New XP look, or the older look, and really select what the computer should have like what you want- really, who wants the Games built into MS Windows, if the user will never use them.
  • Hacked711 works @ MS?!

  • Q wrote:
    Hacked711 works @ MS?!

    noooo! im an part-time system adminstrator @ a local factory
    if windows was better i would not have to go around and reinstall windows every week when some idiot does or goes somewhere where they shouldn't
  • LOL I got scared right there.
  • Yea your wording confused me!

    A local factory?

  • http://www.theinquirer.net/?article=17854
    Direct X nine compatible video card.?! that is bloated! i guess i cant keep all my computer parts when i rebuild my athlon the end of next year.
  • Its interesting. The footprint is huge (360 mb), when my XP footprint is only 120 MB. Its got alot of work to be done, but its only in ALPHA, so what can I expect.


    I hate product activation.
  • I hate product activation.

    Worst idea ever!
  • Yea it's definately not the best thing to come out of Redmond.

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