Unless your name is FishNET3000, Duff, Q, or DevilsJim89...

edited September 2004 in News & Announcements
...you do NOT run the boards, do NOT have authority to dictate to them, and have NO power.

As of this writing, 2 people (Tomchu and raDeon) have tried to invade and impose their own will on the boards against the will of the general populace. To remind all usrs and prospective usrs, the Administrators (Listed in the title) are the ONLY ones who can make major changes to the board, how and where it goes and does. If you have an idea, then a submission and discussion are always welcome, however trying to force a change though sheer post/topic overwhelming or astroturfing will meet with stiff resistance of the Administrators, and likely the other users.

The admittadly harsh words given at the start of this topic are not meant to stifle legitimate population operation, but they are there and will always be there, as the registration agreement if nothing else requires. Prudent and wise Administrators, of which I hope I am, and the others of us are, will make use of them rarely and only when they are the absolute last resort. The banning of the aforementioned 2 former-users isn't carried out easily, it carries a weight of the consequences: the resistance, the continued vigilence[sic], the picking up of broken threads and idea, and others not in mind now. It's something that, as was said before, I, personally, try to stave off untill it is impossible that the destined path is mistaken. As being forced to be unable to reply to comments that concern one deeply and frequently directed at oneself is probably the most severe punishments that this, admittadly miniscule in the entire order of things, board can mete out. As such I try to be judiscous in use of it, hopefully I haven't failed in that.

But as has been demonstrated twice yet, I and other Administrator WILL make use of it if provoked by the actions that I listed earlier, as authorized by the powers listed.

Well, if brevity is the soul of wit, I've VERY certainly missed it.



  • dumbfuck.. what a power abuser..
  • Please. Just go away. I know who you are. Just don't disappoint me again.
  • it's just this Q d00000d makes me very angry.
  • Then go away and I wont follow.

  • Just go away raDeon. If you don't like to cooperate with us, then plase leave. If you don't decide to leave, please, please stop harassing the boards.
  • I don't use my powers all too much but Q is definatly right on this. But I'm confused, has Tomchu been coming back? cuz i thought the whole thing ended with him months ago.
  • Not Tomchu, some new ass who calls himself "raDeon Gamer" (We all call him "Radon Gasser").

  • Just an idea but to stop people who are banned posting as guests couldnt you change the permissions for guests so they can only view posts and not reply.

  • Well, now that he's back (I find that almost impossible to type). it doesn't really matter.


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