MS-DOS 4????



  • Well, my floppys aren't 3 mode or whatever...!

    Yes i did do it right:
    Format a: /f:720

    My disks are just not compatible, i cant be bothered to try any more ways to get this to work ;) so... thats why it put it up for download :) !

    Anyway, i'm working on my own version of Windows 3.1 on a floppy...
  • 3.1 on a floppy's been done many times, but have fun.
  • Take some tape and cover the hole on the right then run the format tool.
  • Yeh, i know its been done before its just something to do instead of finding out how many entries google has for "cheese" and "cheese on a stick"...

    - Joe
  • Does <b>anyone</b> have any 720Kb hanging around? Because it wouldn't hurt to try to install dos 4.

    - Joe
  • I took it and made a heavy duty bootdisk for my PC-XT on 720K, I think I still have it laying around.
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