Windows Blackcomb

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Does anyone have any information about Windows Blackcomb?


  • Estimated release year: 2008
  • succesor to Longhorn

    I expect it will have HIGH system requirements. like it does the same thing as winXP, but you just need a P4-3.2ghz with 2 gigs of RAM to run it.
  • Well Longhorn is expected to need a 5GHz with 2GB, so its gonna probably be 10GHz / 4GB at least.
  • makes my 850 mhz duron look like crap! time to upgrade! (soon)
  • That makes BlacII look bad!

  • Damn 10 GHz? I think I'm gonna choke...
  • ...Bill Gates.

  • But if you think about it, if it comes out in 2008 then most people will have 11Ghz+

    - joe
  • Still, it's expecting alot.

  • When it comes out we will have 7GHz to 9GHz, Watch this is also when most computers will come with 1GB of memory that is standard too.
  • If you're wrong on that I'm gonna... do something.

  • I think 2GB of RAM will be the standard by then...

    Anyway, do you think its based on NT?
  • Put it this way, most computers that are 2.4GHz comes with 128MB and 256MB. By the end of next year it will be 256MB and 512MB that will be standard.

    I think it will be NT based because it seems MS is putting more work into the NT Kernel.
  • dam...there making these OS requirementa to dam high...what if u cant afford a new pc?
  • Well Winboy.....go on welfair....thats what all the Rappers do and thier millionares, I saw it on VH1

    Im buying a Duron by the end of this week hopefully. 1.4Ghz barebone. Itll be like till the first week of may until I get it here, then I gotta buy another router maby, until then, Im putting a 10Gb in my 400MH and using it as a router box.
  • welfare..NEVER
  • we pay taxes, we deservce welfair even if we DO have jobs. Bush owes us!
  • Whats VH1?
  • VH1 is a cable channel on TV.
  • dam...there making these OS requirementa to dam high...what if u cant afford a new pc?

    Then u just go and download abandonware from winworld. That why it's there :D
  • are u calling me poor??
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