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Hey Ppls,
Any1 know where to get NT3.1 and NT3.51?
im on 56k but i will probably download it at school....
oh and if u find it, don't Msg James1990, i never log in,
email That_Fat_Chicken_thing(#)Hotmail.com


  • Doesn't WinWorld have the downloads?

    Try: www.winworld.vze.com

    And go to the downloads section.
  • Well James, you should become a member to request things....
    But, yeah lol, I have started downloading things at school too.
  • Bahh... I can't use the school computers... they have stupid restrictions on which they say is to stop slowing other people down. But my schools like on a fibre optic connection!? lol

    - Joe
  • YOu see, at WinWorld, we dont have anything higher than 35KB/sec upload... so why bother at school :P
  • LOL, my scholl has a nice 3MB connection, but all on a G5 server. YUCK!. Its not even a real Macintosh Server like this: xserve_g5_top.jpg

    Its like this: g5.jpg

    If you gonna use Macintoshs, you need at leat a 5-node cluster.
  • macintoshes are expensive some just run the OS X server and thats it....
  • Duh, its like Windows ME beack in 2000!

    Slow, expansive and unstable.

    Some do run MacOSX Server, there used to be an Apple Unix called AU/X, but I think it was discontinued back when the 68K died.
  • Apple killed the A/UX because it was unstable and was basicly worthless. I think it didn't have a compiler and stuff just a unix like interface term window. I laugh at the fact that Apple wants to be opensource. Know why? Because the pro Apple users spend all of their money on the damn thing. I had a fight today with a pro Apple user and he was saying that PCs are cheaper because they're not top of the line. I laughed at him and said I can build a top of a line PC for 400 bucks with out the monitor. He told me it wasn't true untill I got him to check out tigerdirect and I made a list of parts that ran just a bit over 425 bucks. Also it had more options then his new Apple G5. Then he started to bash MS and I told him "I hate MS as well, I perfer Linux and BSD then crapy windows" Then he started to say how much better MacOS X was and I told him I can do just as much if not more in the command pompt then he can do in X-Win. Also he tryed compiling a simple program called The Gimp and his Mac crashed. He got on his cell phone and sent me a message and I about died from laughter. He also sent me a message around 6:00 that he said his going to take back his Mac and get a PC and run Gentoo Linux and I told him good luck. Gentoo takes almost a leet to install correctly unless you are smart enough to print out the manual and hope that its current to the release.
  • TCPMeta wrote:
    Gentoo takes almost a leet to install correctly unless you are smart enough to print out the manual and hope that its current to the release.

    Then why'd you tell me that I could use it because I know ./configure\make\make install?


    PS. Somedays, you just want a world without bootsectors and file extentions.
  • just tell him to get the book called "Linux for dummies"
  • 1. I want the old NT too!!!

    2. You have 2 admit that Linux is VERY HARD to install!!! I NEVER COULD!!!!! (fail)

    3. I download things at school too!!! I put things on a USB flash drive and then take it home...or just use it there!!!

    4. The only time I used a Mac was in the "color computer lab" (that's how my teacher calls it because the Macs there are in different colors... (dance) ) at school...I have 1 at home that I bought for 10 dollars at a thrift store, but the monitor cable and everything is different...so I can't use it!!! (fail)
  • 1. The old NT is on WinW Subt.

    2. Linux installs (At least SuSE and RH) are getting easier.

    3. <G>, that's not a bad idea.

    4. Old Macs use ADB (Appl Desktop Bus), which is different.

  • errrr, i am a Member.
    I Never login, i always forget my Passwords so i dont bother loging in.
    I can never get to Winworld homepage!
  • Don't worry, this is the first time since along time that ive been able to get in....... oh and lots of ppl know me by Mrfiddlez
  • Do what I do, save all your passwords to a TXT file...
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