Mod a Windows ME CD install



  • ok

    id recommend trying 2k on the laptop, remember to KILL SERVICES! that will help a lot

    try it our for a a day or 2 and if its too slow for u go to ME.
  • Also do not allow any programs to load in autostart... except AIM...
  • ok got it my screen name on AIM is Justin306775m
  • Ok. I've added you to my buddy list...
  • alright , and if i get 2000 on it the VERY first thing im getting rid of is IE completely and its intergration and use FFX :D , thne ill get rid of the services and stuffP IN on AIM now , anyone wanna chat lol
  • Uhhhhhh i wouldnt remove IE. I tired it and it really fucked up a ton of other shit.
  • Yea, NHL 2004 doesn't run without IE.
  • in 98 upwards it isnt a good idea to remove ie, a lot of programs use the ie core and windows doesnt like it
  • well it didnt want to take it but i finally got 2k on the laptop, start up is alittle slow but its great to have that NTFS , damn i hate fat32. Thanks for your help guys , i appreciate it :D
  • Nope, in 98 you can do it and you'll get no problems... if you install there Explorer.Exe from 95...
  • NictricAcid, did you ever try booting the CD with a DOS disk then popping in the CD and browsing the contents into the Windows setup folder and installing it from there? Just by sticking the CD in the computer and having it boot will go through alotta crap about if its a dell or not. Use some DOS skills and see if you can do it that way. If not, download a non-OEM version.

    My suggestion is though to go use Windows 98SE on it. It'll run way better than Me is.
  • well after having 3 os's on the laptop, lol not at the same time im STUCK with 98SE, but i also found 98lite pro and now i have 98lite micro is is hella fast :D so i guess until i download a retail version of, Devilsjim, i have tried everything i could think of, including that , and im ou of ideas so ill live with 98 till my trusty and POWERFUL 56 K modem dls Me is ummm 45 hours lmao
  • I have a VERY small 8MB Windows 98, fits on 6 floppies, and no install, just copy, and edit autoexec.bat, and walla, DOS files work, but I dont know about Windows apps.......
  • Yeah, i have it too... you may get it from Dos710 site...
    That thing is called "Mini-Windows98"
  • Ya that is where I got it. Though I can't find it anymore....

    I wonder if I was to combine XPs Explorer onto 98's explorer, and some other files like notepad and others. (just programs) would it work?
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