[PSA] Don't forget...

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...if you're in the requisite areas, to set all your clocks back by 1 hour.



  • Yeah... Only 10 mins left to set...
  • Ah, thanks for the reminder, setting it now!
  • I'll go set mine!

    Wait, it's 1.57 now, and should be 12.57, to be ready. So... why's my clock (room) say it's 3.57?! Did I forget to "fall back" last year!?

  • Its 10:58 PM right now...
  • I screwewd up, now I have to fix it alll...

    There. I have 1 issue with those flop-clocks: You can't go backwards!

  • WTF is all that About?
    Is that DST?
    We dont have that in Perth
  • It's like this....
    I moved my time 1 hr back...
    From 13:44 to 12:44...
  • If DST means Daylight Savings Time then yes.

  • or as we like to call it for some retarded reason, british summer time.....
  • We Call it Daylight Savings Time,
    or DST, I KNow its in Affect in Sydney,
    But not in Perth
  • my clock sets itself, but for some reason it is still 5 minutes slow
  • woo it was 1am twice tonite! extra sleep! hell yeah
  • FINALLY, the times on the forum are right!! (bounce)
  • Q wrote:
    If DST means Daylight Savings Time then yes.


    You mean, Daylight Saving Time.
  • BOD wrote:
    FINALLY, the times on the forum are right!! (bounce)
    Hehe, are they? :P
  • Nope. Its still about an hour ahead here...
  • Looks like it is here, too. But maybe I just have it set wrong.
  • they where an hour fast, now they're not
  • Yeah you guys probably tried making it show up right for you, I never messed with it and mine shows up right :P

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