quote: "a 96kb game that won't run on my pc..."

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.kkrieger : Size does matter? (98 kb)

a 96kb game that won't run on my pc...

screenshots (5 pics)

System requirements:
- A 1.5GHz Pentium3/Athlon or faster.
- 512MB of RAM (or more)
- A Geforce4Ti (or higher) or ATI Radeon8500 (or higher) graphics card supporting pixel shaders 1.3, preferably with 128MB or more of VRAM- DirectX 9.0b

Too bad, my laptop is only 1GHz so I can't try out the game.


  • Werid, i'll try it. I have a PC that surpasses thoughs specs.
  • ?!?!? This game is scaring me...
  • This game doesn't work on my computer. My specs are good enough to run it but it won't work.
  • Runs fine on this PC.

    AMD Athlon XP 1800+
    GeForce FX 5200 w/128MB DDR Vram

    Just a bit lagish with the movment.
  • How are they fitting all that into 96kb??? That's some mean ass compression! I want to know how they did it! This way I could transfer a 700 mb DivX movie on a Floppy disk!
  • 700MB DIVX = 3GB AVI = about a DVD movie!
  • I think its just mostly 8bit GIF based images and simple moving. Heck the months don't even attack, they walk into you.
  • may be a sinply made game...but the beast took up 180MB of memory and I was too scared to play so I eventually made it to task manager to kill it.
  • I'm scared by the screenshots.

  • It wouldnt even LOAD on my PC>..
  • Hahah. Well I decided to give this another try. ANd it worked! Soo amazing!
  • For me it still doesn't!
    WoW! Roger! you posted that just in 1 day after you joined us!
  • Its a piece of history :)
  • Too bad the site is gone... I would like to try it on my laptop... Anyone still got it?
  • Rather than compressing the actual data for the models and textures, they instead recorded the steps to create each model and texture through code.
  • Too bad the site is gone... I would like to try it on my laptop... Anyone still got it?

    I still have it.
  • Can you send it to me?
  • Yeah. Just IM me when you get the chance. Its

  • Roger, you are offline!!
  • Roger, you can send it to me and then I'll get it to Slash since I'm on when he's up.

  • OK I'm trying right.
  • I've got it, now Slash, you contact me somehow when you're on and I'm on and I'll xfer it over.

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