My adventures on the Thinkpad 760L

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OK, I had it working FINE under 95A, but decided to format and put on 95B. Well, half the HW as conflicting, so I reformated and then tried to laplink over 95A. for some reason the serial port doesnt work as good as I wanted it to, Ive tried Fastlinx, Interlnk and Laplink 5. All failed to work. Then I messed with lanman and MS Client for Workgroups. That failed becuase of the IRQ on the PCMCIA card being fucked up which I didnt notice until later. So I sys'd it with DOS 6.22 and installed WFWG. I couldnt get the NIC to work until like 2 days later. I realised I needed a PCMCIA driver for DOS and WFWG. So I got that, it STILL didnt work. So, I ran the instal to test the adaptor, it checked out OK. Then, I read the READ.ME for the IBM PCMCIA Card Director andread the tips. It said, if it doesnt work, try making sure that you have the available resources. So Ic hecked my available IRQ's and surely IRQ 3 wasnt free, so I had to run the 3Com program and change that, then FINALLY transfered the 95 setup files over. Well, I wanted to DELTREE C:\WFWG, but accidently did DELTREE C:| which lost my 95 install files. so NOW I FINALLY got WFWG installed with my NIC, I just gotta copy the files over AGAIN and hopefully dont delete them (dance)


  • I'm glad you didn't give up halfway... Imagine you delete those files... hehehehe.
  • A simlier thing happen to me. This happen way back before I joined the frist WinV. Also I blame XP for this.

    The PC I was using at the time had two hard drives. A 30GB and a 40GB, the 30GB had all of my stuff and the 40GB was my primary drive. Well the PC crashed and I said "thats it, I'm going to try XP." I used a win9x bootdisk and ran fdisk and removed the partition and then put in the XP CD and rebooted. When I got to the partiitioning part and selected my primary drive. Well when it started it made the Drive letter F: instead of C:. So I tryed again and I deleted the partition using the XP CD and tryed it. Well it made the drive C: this time and after I installed XP and when I went to install of all of my fav progs I noticed that it said drive F: instead of drive D: for my second hard drive. I clicked on it and come to find out XP wiped out my second harddrive and installed XP. Man I was pissed. I think XP got confused on the drive setup. Luckly I had a backup CD that had most of my files. If I didn't I would of called MS and chewed them out.
  • Why do a lot of people use a DOS boot disk instead of just booting from the XP CD and letting it rfmt the drive?
  • Thats what I wonder, the XP partition tool is just as good.
  • Good. Thought I was doing something wrong for a bit there. lol
  • DOS gives you more control; I'm a DOS control freak, I guess...

  • Because XP fucked up my drives!

    Back when I frist got XP I went and installed it on my PC. The PC had two hard drives. a 30GB drive and a 40GB drive. The 40GB drive was my FTP drive and it was set to slave. The 30GB was my primary drive. also the 30GB drive had two partitions. a NTFS partition that had Win2k and a FAT32 that had Win95. Well I went and deleted both partitions and when I went to contune it wanted to make the drive as F:\> instead of C:\> So I rebooted and tryed again. I saw the drive as C:\> and I installed XP and crap. When I went to go in my FTP drive to install some software it came up asking if I want to reformat the drive. I looked at the drive propertises and noticed drive D:\> said it was 29 billion an something bytes. Then I looked at the C:\> drive's properitse and saw it was 38 billion an something bytes. Some how XP got confused on the disk setup. I wasn't sure if it was XP or I fucked up. I retraced my footsteps and found out it was XP's fault. I was pissed for about a month. I had a backup of the FTP but it didn't have all of my stuff. Since then I use a custom bootdisk with that NTFS driver that lets you read a NTFS filesystem. So if the system crashes I can just move all of the files I want to keep on a diffrent PC via LAN or use CDrWIN in DOS.

    Ofcorse now I have a DVD+RW I make a backup of my FTP every 3 weeks.
  • I once formatted the drive into two partitions: C was 12gb and D was 500mb. Installed XP on C and Win98 on D. I used bootmagic to make sure dualboot would work. Then in Windows 98 I found out that I formatted C: in NTFS, and win98 cant read NTFS..

    I made a lot of mistakes in installation that evening, And I installed XP about three times before everything worked..
  • Yeah. I use FDISK to manage my disks instead of that WinXP thing that comes with WinXP.
  • I use disk management tool under Admin tools.
  • So do I, almost all of the time.
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