Ugh, another PHPBB update.

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I'll begin upgrading right away - this time I wont include the broken page generation thing.


  • this time I wont include the broken page generation thing.

    HaHa! OK, I shouldn't laugh, but it has been defective so much of the time.

    Anyway good to know/see/hear.

  • OK, maybe this will bring the results.
  • Fish, you still working @ getting it ready?

  • Idont if this is the reason but... Half of my categories are missing and it shows no blus(new) even though there are.
    I cant post under site issues because it wasnt there
  • Logout, delete your phpBB cookies and log back in.
  • didnt fix it
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    well you can't post under site issues because the admin's haev hidden it for the time being..... and i've had that happen before...... where theres new posts but it won't show that thier new..... i think its a bug... don't worry about it
  • After you delete your cookies, you might want to try restarting your browser.

    I had that probably before. Logging out and then in just clears the read ones, but you have to do that every time, so I had to delete my cookies in the long run.
  • Imon a totally different computer and I still have a problem.
    I also cant access the main site.
  • The main site is down
  • all right. everything is explained now.
    is it possible to get a windows NT 3.1 dw right now?
  • I might be able to hook you up with a copy.
  • html doesnt work
  • yeah i noticed that, funny, it used to...
  • the image tag does, thats the only way my sig would work
  • Hah, now I know how I could have done my infamous countdown!
  • now I need windows 98 first or second doesnt matter
  • I've got SE Upgrade.
  • nevermind I found one.
  • ^^that was me I forgot to sign in^^
  • when will the main site go up?
    I think it's still down
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