80gb hd or 200gb hd

I am currently watching a auction on ebay for a internal 80gb hd 7200 rpm, 8meg cache. 29.99 U.S dollars. Brand new no less. I hope to get it as there are no bids yet. :) Either that or a 200gb Seagate 7200 rpm internal for 25.00 U.S dollars. I will find out if the 200gb one has a 8 meg cache.


  • I notice you didn't post thing link ;)...

  • If I post the link I don't want anyone to bid on either of them please.
  • HaH! knew it!

  • HaH! knew it!


    Knew what?
  • If I post the link I don't want anyone to bid on either of them please.

    I would actually bid on that.....GIMME LINK!!!
  • Grr! Search for it yourself.

  • Don't bid. Think about it in the morning. Sometimes
    getting them in your hands is difficult. What's their
    rating? I'm sorry, no help tonight.
  • I'd say the 200, probably.
  • a 200 gig hard drive probably would have an 8 meg cache... might as well go for it.
  • Yeah, most likely depending on the age.

    I seen 80GB's with 512K Cache when they came out first, but I got one with 8Mb cache.
  • I wonder what the cache on my 40 gig is....anyone know how to tell that? Do I have to look up my hard drives specs online.
  • I ended up not buying either of them cause some idiots were raising the price to beyond what I wanted to pay. Oh well.
  • The f'ing sucks.
  • that happens to me. i try to get a simple GPS that hooks to the computer, but thanks to EBAY they say the current bid is for eg. $10, but a guy has already bid like $27. It sucks. I hope you get a good deal soon.

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