Forum backup from last night restored.

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It was complicated to figure out, but we got the forum back up. A few posts have been lost, but 20,060 is better than the some 12,000 that we had! From now on, we'll make better backups than just those damn PHPBB ones so if this happens again, it wont take all day to fix.


  • Yea.

    The biggiest loss was the posting storm between Roger, IBM, SSH and I last night. Sorry ppls, but @ least we're back above 20 000, not 10 000.

  • Oh well, at least we didnt lost alot / all of it!
  • Wow, I hate I missed that posting storm last night but I was
  • LOL, it wasnt that great. Its better this way since some of the fightings gone too!
  • Aww crap. That sucks.
  • That's right FishNET3000
    I saw that but didn't want to say anything to start it up again.
    Yeah we really didn't need that.
    I'll try again. It was a great catharsisis{sp?}
    I hope we fill the lost space with better posts.
  • Argh. Oh well, better than nothing.
  • How about a re-posting storm tonight? I didnt witness the last one, due to severe weather in our area.

    This'll be interesting.
  • I dunno if we can ever build up again.
  • Ohhh, Maybe tho there will be one...

    I feel a Posting Storm Watch in effect for Winboards
  • Hmmm... could be Tropical Storn WinBoards soon...
  • Tornadic Tropical Posting Storm Warning in effect for Winboards until Friday 6AM July 9th (eastern)
  • Roger's the catalyst, once he starts SSH, IBM, and I usually follow.

  • I think I will join, this will be fun
  • Where's that catalyst at?
  • I don't know, not on AIM...

  • What on earth!? I meant Roger.

  • I know! There he is! There in the little yellow bubble! He's coming down to WinBoards!
  • Erg, and where did you get that pic from?

  • Googled Image'd for catalyst, downloaded, resized, uploaded to SkyCache.
  • Cool image!
  • what in bloody hell?

    hes in a bubble floating to winboards?

    LOL its like a futuristic Sherry Bobbins (No, not Mary Poppins, I dont wanna get sued now)
  • He;s already been through Red and Yellow stages! He's coming our way!
  • what the hell LOL
  • Roger the Catalyst!
  • LOL, this is going waaaaaay off topic
  • Then lets make it go further!

    IBM, your avatar is POOR. You demonstrate 1ce again that you have NO taste.

  • Oh yea, IBM your avatar sucks pot.

    Maybe this is the kind of Catalyst that Roger is:
    Cisco Catalyst!

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