Windows NT 3.x 3.1



  • setup 22 disk is buggy. even if inserted, still asks
  • The Windows NT 3.1 English ISO gets flagged as malware by McAfee.
  • I had noticed some of the 3.1 downloads were throwing false positives a while back. If anyone sees any actual issues with the content of the images, please let us know.
  • McAfee, so there's that right off the bat.

    I've downloaded the 3.1 English ISOs from WinWorld some months back, compared them with other known sources and found them identical once the overpadding bytes were removed.

    Unless and until someone posts the exact file AND claimed SPECIFIC malware "detected", I discount such claims. Invariably, when pressed - other show it was a "heuristic", and "suspected" variant of some "let's pull one from our arses to terrorize the sheeple".

    I mean, yes, it can happen, but anti-malware softs know people will no longer question their integrity.

    I wouldn't let an enemy use McAfee.
  • McAfee literally flags it as "Generic".
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