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imageVisi On 1.x

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  • I stumbled across this interesting pre-release marketing video of VisiCorp Visi On that someone uploaded to Youtube.

    It features several vintage-y computers including a PET and an Apple II.

    The odd thing is they seem to have Visi On running on Wang Professional Computers. (Only the CRT monitors are visible, the huge CPU units obviously hidden away) And the Wang uses a much higher video resolution than normal IBM PC Visi On.

    I believe the Fall 1983 comdex demo video showed the Windows 1 pre-release running on some higher resolution Wang machines.

    BTW, is there still a way to download videos from youtube? I have not tried to do that in ages.

  • Search for "Download Youtube videos". You'll get a ton of results. Example this:

  • ClipConverter works well if you have an adblocker installed. Or you can use the command line tool youtube-dl (search for it on GitHub).

  • There's another YouTube downloader called "OnlineVideoConverter", which you can download YouTube videos in any format (MP3, WAV, MP4, AVI, WMV, etc.) One thing is that I'd get lots of annoying popups, especially when I click the download button; which is weird because popups are blocked by default in Google Chrome, the web browser I use.

  • JDownloader 2 seems to be pretty good for downloading from YouTube. It's a Java-based application.

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