Visi On 1.x



  • Without the unprotected executable, it won't work.

  • I've repackaged the Visi On downloads for easier downloading, and I have included a "cleaned" copy of the Application Manager disk 1 that resets the protection so you can select a different mouse. Although, as I've mentioned, this won't do anyone much good unless you have a serialized Visi On Mouse Systems S1 mouse.

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    First, uploaded archive seems to be broken.

    Second, Application Manager disk 1 can be reset the protection secttor easily.
    But the problem is on disk 2.
    When the installation is processed, both disk 1 and 2 are modified.
    It is nearly possible to reset on disk 2, but it is impossible to match with original.
    Therefore redump is needed with original factory default disk.

  • I re-re-uploaded the first archive which somehow got broken.

    Quite right, ideally we would want completely untouched originals, but given how uncommon this software is, this will have to make do unless someone comes forward with additional dumps.

  • Anyway original untouched dump is needed.

  • MS-DOS 6.22 is compatibile with Visi On?
  • Yes, MS-DOS 6.22 works with Visi On, but you must use a FAT12 partition (16MB in size or less).
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